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OCi Controls Inc.

Specialists in Process and Energy Instrumentation


OCI offers a variety of transmitters for use with other product families. 

Housed in small industrial condulets, these simple, but sophisticated transmitters are designed to be inexpensive yet provide excellent performance. 

Typically powered from the 24 volts D.C. which is available from the many compatible OCi receiver units, such as: Flow Computers and Totalizers, Energy/BTU Computers, etc.

Model and Description
  • OCi-506A Turbine Meter Preamplifier

  • OCi-5100 2-Wire Frequency Transmitter

  • OCi-5100N Frequency Transmitter

  • OCi-5200 Two-Wire Pressure Transmitter

  • OCi-5300 RTD Transmitter (Integral RTD & Thermowell)

  • OCi-5350 RTD Transmitter (Remote RTD & Thermowell)

  • OCi-5350DT Differential RTD Transmitter

  • OCi-5400 AC Current Transmitter

  • OCi-5500 Thermocouple Transmitter

  • OCi-5800 mA-to-Frequency Transmitter

  • OCi-5900 Precision Low Level Signal Transmitter