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OCi Controls Inc.

Specialists in Process and Energy Instrumentation

Process Controllers

OCi produces a variety of special function process control products: square root extractors, settable alarms and more, as well as several application specific controllers.

ControllerPump Controller

A smart controller, the FTG-2000 is designed to control the speed of an electric or hydraulic motor with protective algorithms to prevent excessive vibration or cavitation of pumps driven by the motor.

The FTG-2000 is the ideal controller for tank farm loading/unloading terminals.


  • UP/DOWN push-buttons for changing pump speed.

  • Monitoring of RPM’s with speed pick-up accessory.

  • Vibration monitoring with High Vibration limit and relay output.

  • Algorithm reduces speed when Cavitation Detector option is used.

  • Emergency Shut Down (ESD) button with a programmable rate.

  • Weatherproof (NEMA 4X) housing with optional purge kit.

  • Multiple Remote Stations communicate with master controller serially displaying and changing RPM’s.

 Models and Description
  • OCi-0062 Dual Alarm

  • OCi-014-3N Square Root Extractor

  • OCi-018 Series Signal Isolators

  • OCi-505 24vdc Loop Power Supply

  • OCi-6957-EXP Temperature Compensator for Frequency Flowmeters 

  • OCI-426 6-digit LED Batch Controller

  • FTG-2000 Pump Protection Controller

  • OCI-2100M Field Mounted PID Controller

  • OCi-6528M Pump Sequence Controller

  • OCi-6591 Motorized Valve Positioner

  • OCi-7900 Series Analog PLC/Computer Back-up Station

  • OCi-7910 Micro-based PLC/Computer Back-up Station