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OCi Controls Inc.

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Pressure Calibrators

OCi Controls offers a unique line of instrument calibrators for both electronic and pneumatic instrumentation.

Bench Calibrator
Bench Top Calibrator

Pressure Ranges from 0/15 to 0/5,000 psi. Selection of up to 13 pressure units for display

Max/min pressure selector mode. Cal-Trak routine to calculate any point on the pressure to current conversion scale (makes calibrations faster without setting precise pressures).
Pocket Calibrator
Pocket Calibrator

These are the “original” hand-held digital pressure calibrators used in the calibration of all types of pressure instrumentation including Pressure and DP transmitters, I/P’s, P/I’s and dial pressure gauges.

They all feature 3.5 digit LCD display (0.55” high), battery operation (9 volt rechargeable furnished with charger), soft vinyl carrying pouch and one-year calibration certificate.

Compact size: 5.75” X 3.60” X 1.12”. 

Portable Pressure Source
Portable Pressure PumpGenerates test pressures up to 100 psig.

Typically used for pumping up air pressure to apply to the instrument being tested, and precisely setting it with the vernier knob to within 0.1 inch.

Models and Description
  • OCI-002 Two-Wire Transmitter Simulator

  • OCI-003 Portable Pressure Calibrator

  • OCI-003M uP Based Pressure Calibrator

  • OCI-008M uP Based Electro-pneumatic Calibrator

  • PPS-04A Portable Pressure Source (hand pump)