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Energy/Flow Computers

Flow ComputerFlow Computer

The 1000M Flow Computer has been used as general purpose hardware platform for a variety of stand-alone or networked instruments mostly related to flow measurement.

It has either 4 or 8 analog inputs and one or three analog outputs (typical 4-20 mA signals) and a 24vdc Power Supply to energize all input and output loops.


Some application software running on this platform include:

Chilled/Hot Water BTU Computer

Most widely used application, it collects data in real time from any type of flow meter and two RTD sensors. Data is displayed locally on counters as Total Btu’s, Ton-Hrs, Gallons, and instantaneous flow rates in Btu/hr, Tons, GPM etc.

Steam Flow Computer

Most common application is saturated steam metering from flow rate and saturation pressure. Totalizes pounds or Kg of steam and displays instantaneous flow rate. Superheated steam requires a steam temperature input as well. In orifice metering of steam, dual DP’s across a common orifice may be used to extend turn-down. The computer auto-selects the DP Transmitter.

 Gas Flow Computer

Natural gas or any other fuel may be metered from flow meter, pressure, temperature inputs. Computes SCFM and totalizes SCF or mass.

NOTE: All above may be networked in a serial RS-485 loop and polled by the OCI Energy Management PC program (EMS) running under Win95/NT. Real time monitoring and retrieval of stored data in each field unit are common tasks of the EMS. Information is used by District Energy companies for billing and/or maintenance purposes.

Models and Descriptions
  • OCi-1000M Energy Flow Computer/Totalizer Steam - Hot/Chilled Water (Btu) - Natural Gas

  • OCi-1101M Gas Flow Computer for Point-Of-Sale Industrial Gases (nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, etc.)

    • Optional - Air, Water or Custom Fluids. Available with single or dual premium counters

  • OCi-400P Analog Flow Totalizers With or without square root

  • OCi-42000 Battery Powered Flow Totalizer

  • OCi-9900M Electrical Power Demand Computer