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Digital Indicators

Process IndicatorProcess Indicator

This is a weather-proof (NEMA 4X) Digital Process Indicator suitable for tank level and associated variables.

Depending on the software loaded, this instrument will display Total Tank Level, Interface Level and Temperature (when connected to appropriate Smart Sensors) all in a rotating sequence on its 6-digit large, high efficiency, LED display.

The 6902A may also accept standard 4-20 mA outputs from level transmitters and rotate variables such as level, volume and mass.

Optional features offered:

  • One, two or three optically isolated mA outputs.

  • HI/LO Alarm relays.els and Descriptions

Models and Descriptions
  • LED-6 High Resolution Indicator, (volts, mA input)

  • LED-35-EXP and LED-45-EXP 3-1/2 and 4-1/2 digit LED Process Indicators

  • OCi-5990A Loop Powered Process Indicator, Panel, N4X, EXP

  • OCi-6902A Serial/Analog Input, Analog Outputs, Alarms